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(defmacro def-web-state-message (message args &body body)
(defmethod message-to-ml ((message (eql ,message)) &key ,@args &allow-other-keys)
(with-ml-output ,@body))
(my-defun web-state 'inform (game-state (message (eql ,message)) &key ,@args &allow-other-keys)
(declare (ignorable game-state))
(my add-announcement (<p :class "game-message" ,@body)))))
(macrolet ((messages (&body body)
,@(loop for (keyword args . ml) in body
collect `(def-web-state-message ,keyword ,args
(:talk (sender text)
(<span :class "game-talk-message" (player-controller-name-to-ml sender) ": " (<q text)))
(:shuffle () "The deck has been shuffled.")
(:new-player (player)
player " has joined the game.")
(:resigned (player)
player " has resigned.")
(:timed-out (player)
player " has timed-out.")
(:select-card (player choice)
player " played " (output-object-to-ml (make-card-from-number choice)) ".")
(:select-demand (player choice)
player " demanded " choice ".")
(:select (player choice)
player " chose " (friendly-string choice) ".")
(:reject-cards (player choice)
(if choice
" wants to change cards."
" is satisfied with the cards."))
(:accept-new-stake (player choice)
(if choice
" saw the raise."
" folded."))
(:select-new-stake (player choice)
" raised to "
(:winner (player coins)
player " won"
(when coins
(with-ml-output " " coins " coins"))
(:game-over (winner result)
(cond (winner
winner " won the game.")
(when result
(friendly-string result) ". ")
"Game over."))))
(:demand (player amount)
player " demanded " amount ".")
(:profit (player amount)
(if (minusp amount) " lost " " gained ")
(abs amount) ".")
(:bankrupt (player)
player " went bankrupt.")
(:betrayal (player)
player " betrayed everybody else.")
(:new-state ()
"New game.")))