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(defvar *web-state-move-timeout* 60)
(defstruct queued-choice
(defmyclass (web-state (:include simple-channel))
(announcements nil)
(waiting-for-input nil)
(queued-choices nil)
(timeout (make-timeout)))
(defgeneric message-to-ml (message &rest args))
(defun make-web-state-from-frame ()
(let ((frame (webapp-frame)))
(check-type frame frame)
(let ((w (make-web-state :frame frame)))
(push (lambda (f) (declare (ignore f)) (channel-destroy w))
(frame-destroy-hooks frame))
(my-defun web-state 'inform :after (game-state (message (eql :new-state)) &rest args)
(declare (ignore game-state args))
(setf (my queued-choices) nil))
(my-defun web-state 'inform (game-state message &rest args)
(declare (ignore game-state))
(my add-announcement
(<p :class "game-message"
" "
(output-object-to-ml args))))
(my-defun web-state resigned ()
(not (loop for p in (game-players (my game-state)) thereis (eql me (player-controller p)))))
(my-defun web-state 'inform :before (game-state message &rest args)
(declare (ignore args message))
(setf (my game-state) game-state
(timeout-func (my timeout))
(lambda ()
(unless (game-game-over (my game-state))
(setf (my timed-out) t)
(my resign :reason :timed-out)))))
(my-defun web-state add-announcement (a)
(appendf (my announcements) (list a))
(my notify))
(defmethod move-continuation (k (controller web-state) player-state move-type choices &rest args)
(web-state-add-move-state controller
(make-move-state :cc k
:move-type move-type
:player-state player-state
:choices choices
:args args)))
(defmethod move-continuation (k (controller web-state)
(move-type (eql :ready-to-play)) choices &rest args)
(declare (ignore args player-state choices))
(funcall k t))
(my-defun web-state timeout-reset ()
(timeout-set (my timeout) *web-state-move-timeout*))
(my-defun web-state timeout-cancel ()
(timeout-cancel (my timeout)))
(my-defun web-state add-move-state (move-state)
(my timeout-reset)
(appendf (my waiting-for-input)
(list move-state))
(my try-to-move)
(my notify))
(my-defun move-state queue-choice (choice)
(web-state-queue-choice (player-controller (my player-state)) (my move-type) choice))
(my-defun web-state queue-choice (move-type choice)
(appendf (my queued-choices)
(list (make-queued-choice :move-type move-type :choice choice)))
(my try-to-move)
(my-defun web-state try-to-move ()
(loop for waiting in (my waiting-for-input) do
(loop for qc in (my queued-choices)
(when (eql (queued-choice-move-type qc) (move-state-move-type waiting))
(deletef qc (my queued-choices))
(unless (eq 'invalid-choice (validate-choice (move-state-choices waiting) (queued-choice-choice qc)))
(deletef waiting (my waiting-for-input))
(if (my waiting-for-input)
(my timeout-reset)
(my timeout-cancel))
(funcall (move-state-cc waiting) (queued-choice-choice qc))
(my notify)
(return-from web-state-try-to-move))))))
(defun keyword-to-friendly-string (keyword)
(string-capitalize (string-downcase (match-replace-all (force-string keyword) ("-" " "))) :end 1))
(defun friendly-string (object)
(typecase object
(keyword-to-friendly-string object))
(my-defun move-state 'object-to-ml ()
(<div :class "move-state"
(let ((friendly-move-type (keyword-to-friendly-string (my move-type))))
(cond ((eq :boolean (my choices))
(loop for (keyword value) on (my args) by #'cddr
do (with-ml-output "The " (string-downcase (keyword-to-friendly-string keyword)) " is " value ". "))
"? "
(html-action-link "Yes" (my queue-choice t) (values))
" "
(html-action-link "No" (my queue-choice nil) (values))))
((eql :select-card (my move-type))
(<p friendly-move-type "."))
(<p friendly-move-type
(cond ((eql (force-first (my choices)) :integer)
(with-ml-output " from " (reduce #'min (choices-list (my choices))) " to "
(reduce #'max (choices-list (my choices))) ". "))
(with-ml-output (format nil " ~{~A ~}" (my args)) " from ")))
(loop for c in (choices-list (my choices)) do
(let-current-values (c)
(with-ml-output " "
(html-action-link (friendly-string c)
(my queue-choice c)))))))))))
(my-defun game 'object-to-ml ()
(<div :class "players"
(loop for p in (my players)
for once = t then nil
unless once do (<div :class "separate")
do (with-ml-output
(player-state-to-ml p)))
(<div :style (css-attrib :clear "both" :float "none" :border "none"))))
(my-defun game 'object-to-ml :around ()
(aif (my game-over)
(<h2 (apply 'message-to-ml it) " " (my play-again-ml) "?")
(defun current-web-controller (controller)
(and (web-state-p controller)
(eql *webapp-frame* (web-state-frame controller))))
(my-defun web-state resign (&rest args)
(apply 'game-resign (my game-state) me args)
(my notify)))
(my-defun web-state 'player-controller-name-to-ml ()
(if (and (webapp-frame-available-p) (eq (my frame) (webapp-frame)))
(with-ml-output "You")
(<span :class "username" (frame-username (my frame)))))
(my-defun web-state 'player-controller-var ( var)
(frame-var (my frame) var))
(my-defun web-state (setf 'player-controller-var) (new-value var)
(setf (frame-var (my frame) var) new-value))
(my-defun game play-again-ml ()
(html-replace-link "Play again"
(web-game-start (my generator))))
(my-defun web-state play-again-ml ()
(game-play-again-ml (my game-state)))
(my-defun web-state 'simple-channel-body-ml ()
(assert (my game-state) () "No game started; please use game-new-state")
(<div :class "game-state"
((my timed-out)
(<p (load-time-value
(format nil "Timed out; sorry, you took longer than ~R second~:P to respond."
" "
(my play-again-ml) "?"))
((my resigned)
(<p "Resigned. " (my play-again-ml) "?"))
(output-object-to-ml (my game-state))
(when (my waiting-for-input)
(<div :class "moves"
(loop for m in (my waiting-for-input) do
(output-object-to-ml m))))))
(<div :class "talk"
(html-action-form "Talk "
((text nil :reset ""))
(my timeout-reset)
(game-talk (my game-state) me text))))
(cond ((not (game-game-over (my game-state)))
(<p :class "close-game"
(html-action-link "Resign"
(my resign)))))
(<div :class "messages-and-talk"
(<div :class tpd2.webapp:+html-class-scroll-to-bottom+
(output-object-to-ml (my announcements))))))
(my-defun player state-to-ml ()
(<div :class "player"
(<h3 me
(when (my waiting-for-input)
(<span :class "turn" "'s turn")))))
(my-defun player 'object-to-ml ()
(player-controller-name-to-ml (my controller)))
(defun css ()
(let ((gray "rgb(188,188,188)"))
((".inherit" <input <a)
:text-decoration "inherit" :color "inherit" :background-color "inherit" :font-size "inherit" :font-weight "inherit"
:font-family "inherit"
:border "none" :padding "0 0 0 0" :margin "0 0 0 0")
(<body :font-family "georgia, serif" :word-spacing "0.075em" :letter-spacing "0.025em" :margin-left "5%" :margin-right "5%"
:background-color "white")
((<h1 <h2 <h3 <h4 <h5 <h6) :letter-spacing "0.05em" :font-weight "normal" :margin "0 0 0 0" :padding "0 0 0 0")
((<span <div <h1 <h2 <h3 <h4 <h5 <h6 <p <a <input) :direction "ltr" :unicode-bidi "bidi-override")
:display "inline"
:border-bottom "thin dashed black"
:font-style "italic" )
:color gray)
(".game-message" :font-style "italic")
(".change-name" :font-size "75%" :text-align "right")
:margin-top "2em"
:margin-left "1em"
:text-align "left")
(".robot" :font-style "italic")
('(strcat ".messages-and-talk > ." tpd2.webapp:+html-class-scroll-to-bottom+)
:overflow "auto"
:padding-right "0.5em"
:height "20em" )
:padding-left "3em"
:padding-right "3em")
(".game-header" :float "left")
(".close-game:after" :content "\" - \"")
:float "right"
:margin-top "2em"
(".game-header + .messages-and-talk + DIV"
:clear "both")
(".players > DIV"
:padding "0.4em 0.4em 0.4em 0.4em"
:float "left"
:border-top "2px solid black"
("h1.mopoko" :font-size "4em" :text-align "left" :color "black" :margin-bottom "0.333em")
("h1.mopoko a" :color gray)
(<h2 :font-size "2.5em")
(".webapp-section > ul > li" :padding-bottom "1em")
(".webapp-section > ul > li a.-replace-link-" :font-size "2em")
:height "4em"
:border-right "2px solid black")
(".talk input[type=\"text\"]" :width "60%")
(("input[type=submit]" <a "[onclick]")
:display "inline"
:text-decoration "none")
(".HEARTS, .DIAMONDS" :color "red")
(".HEARTS, .DIAMONDS, .CLUBS, .SPADES" :font-size "4em")
(".close-game" :text-align "right")
:background-color "rgb(228,228,228)"
:cursor "pointer")
:position "fixed"
:bottom "0em"
:padding "0.2em 0.2em 0.2em 0.2em"
:margin "0 0 0 0"
:right "0em"
:text-align "right"
:background-color "white"
:font-size "70%"
:x-border-radius "0.3em"
:border "thin solid #cccccc" ;
:z-index 2)
(defsite *site*
:page-body-start (lambda(title)
`(<div :class "header"
(<h1 :class "mopoko"
(output-raw-ml ,title) " "
(<A :href (page-link "/")
:class "inherit mopoko"
(<h4 :id ,tpd2.webapp:+html-id-async-status+ )
(output-object-to-ml (webapp-frame))))
:page-head (lambda(title)
(<title "mopoko " (output-raw-ml ,title))
(declare (ignore title))
(with-compile-time-site (*site*)
(defun web-add-game (game-generator name)
(defpage-lambda (byte-vector-cat "/" name)
(lambda ()
(web-game-start game-generator))))
(defun webapp-play-bot (game-name bot)
(let ((game-state
(launch-game game-name (list bot game-state))
(webapp ()
(webapp-display game-state))))
(defun web-game-start (game-generator)
(let ((c (make-web-state-from-frame)))
(game-generator-join-or-start game-generator c)
(webapp ((string-downcase (force-string (game-name (web-state-game-state c)))))
(webapp-display c))))
(defpage "/" ()
(webapp ""
(loop for g being the hash-values of *games*
when (game-generator-advertised g)
collect g)
:display (lambda(g) (output-raw-ml
"Play " (game-generator-name g)))
:describe (lambda (g)
(let ((d (game-generator-description g)))
(when d
(<div :class "play-game-description"
(output-raw-ml d)))))
:replace (lambda(g)
(web-game-start g)))
(html-collapser (<h3 "About")
(<div :class "about"
(<p (<a :href (page-link "/") "") " is a place to play
games. Have fun!")
(<p "When you choose to play a game, we wait a few seconds for
someone else to join in. If nobody does, then a robot will join
the game. Each robot has a different style of play.")
(<p "Please " (<a :href "" "email") " me
with your comments, advice and suggestions for a new game.")
(<p "Thanks for visiting " (output-raw-ml "&mdash;") " John Fremlin " (<a :href "" "<>") ", 24 September 2009")
(<p "PS. Look at the " (<a :href "" "source code for this website") "."))))))