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(in-package #:tpd2.http)
(defstruct dispatcher
(paths (make-hash-table :test 'equalp))
(error-responder 'default-http-error-page))
(defun dispatch-servestate (con done *servestate*)
(dispatcher-respond (find-dispatcher (first (servestate-host*)))
con done))
(defun-speedy start-http-response (&key (banner (force-byte-vector "200 OK"))
(content-type #.(byte-vector-cat "Content-Type: text/html;charset=utf-8"
(setf (servestate-response*)
(with-sendbuf ()
"HTTP/1.1 " banner +newline+
(defun-speedy map-http-params (func)
(declare (dynamic-extent func) (type (function (simple-byte-vector simple-byte-vector) t) func))
(labels (
(f (name value)
(funcall func (url-encoding-decode name) (url-encoding-decode value)))
(parse-params (str)
(when str
(match-bind ( (* name "=" value (or (last) "&")
'(f name value)))
(parse-cookie-params (cookies)
(loop for str in cookies do
(match-bind ( (* name "=" value (or (last) "," ";")
'(f name value)))
(declare (inline parse-cookie-params parse-params f)
(dynamic-extent #'parse-params #'parse-cookie-params #'f))
(parse-params (servestate-query-string*))
(parse-params (servestate-post-parameters*))
(parse-cookie-params (servestate-cookie*))))
(defmacro with-http-params (bindings &body body)
(with-unique-names (f pname pvalue)
`(let ,(loop for b in bindings for (n default) = (force-list b)
collect `(,n ,default))
(flet ((,f (,pname ,pvalue)
(declare (type simple-byte-vector ,pname ,pvalue))
(case-match-fold-ascii-case ,pname
,@(loop for b in bindings
(var &optional default &key conv (name (force-byte-vector var)))
(force-list b)
(declare (ignore default))
`(,(force-byte-vector name)
(setf ,var ,(if conv
`(,conv ,pvalue)
(declare (inline ,f) (dynamic-extent #',f))
(map-http-params #',f)
(locally ,@body)))))
(defmacro with-http-headers (() &body body)
`(with-sendbuf-continue ((servestate-response-as-sendbuf*))
(defun-speedy send-http-response (con done body)
(declare (type sendbuf body))
(with-http-headers ()
"Content-Length: " (sendbuf-len body) +newline+
con done
(defun-speedy respond-http (con done &key banner body)
(start-http-response :banner banner)
(send-http-response con done body))
(my-defun dispatcher respond (con done)
(let ((f (gethash (servestate-path*) (my paths))))
(locally (declare (optimize speed) (type function f))
(funcall f me con done)
;(format *error-output* "LOST ~A~&" (strcat (my canonical-name) "/" path))
(respond-http con done :banner (force-byte-vector "404 Not found")
:body (funcall (my error-responder) me))))
(error (e)
(format *error-output* "~&PAGE ERROR ~A~&--- ~A~&-AGAIN PAGE ERROR ~A~&" (strcat (my canonical-name) (servestate-path*))
(backtrace-description e)
(respond-http con done
:body (with-sendbuf () "<h1>I programmed this thoughtlessly. Sorry for the inconvenience.</h1>")
:banner (force-byte-vector "500 Internal error"))))))
(my-defun dispatcher register-path (path func)
(setf (gethash (force-byte-vector path) (my paths)) (alexandria:ensure-function func)))
(my-defun dispatcher 'default-http-error-page ()
(format *trace-output* "~&Page ~A not found~&" (strcat (my canonical-name) (servestate-path*)))
(with-sendbuf ()
"<h1>I made a mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience.</h1>"))
(defvar *default-dispatcher* (make-dispatcher))
(defvar *dispatchers* nil)
(defun find-dispatcher-go (host)
(alist-get *dispatchers* host :test #'equalp))
(defun find-dispatcher (host)
(or (find-dispatcher-go host) *default-dispatcher*))
(defun find-or-make-dispatcher (host)
(let ((host (force-byte-vector host)))
(or (find-dispatcher-go host)
(let ((it (make-dispatcher :canonical-name host)))
(push (cons host it) *dispatchers*)
(defun dispatcher-add-alias (dispatcher alias)
(check-type dispatcher dispatcher)
(setf (alist-get *dispatchers* (force-byte-vector alias)) dispatcher))
(my-defun dispatcher 'print-object (stream)
(print-unreadable-object (me stream :type t :identity t)
(format stream "~S" (force-string (my canonical-name)))
(loop for p being the hash-keys of (my paths)
do (format stream " ~A" (force-string p)))))
(defun describe-dispatchers (&optional (*standard-output* *standard-output*))
;; TODO print a list of hostnames for each dispatcher
(loop for (path . dispatcher) in *dispatchers*
do (format t "~&~S -> ~A~&" (force-string path) dispatcher))
(format t "~&DEFAULT -> ~A~&" *default-dispatcher*))