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(in-package #:tpd2.http)
;;;;; FIXME Section 4.2 of RFC 2616: multiple headers equivalent to a
;;;;; comma-delimited sequence.
(defun http-serve-timeout ()
(defun match-x-forwarded-for (value)
(+ (and (char) (progn host (or (progn "," (* (space))) (last)))))
(defun-speedy match-request-url (url)
(match-bind (path (or (last) (progn "?" q)))
(setf (servestate-path*) path
(servestate-query-string*) q)))
(defconstant-bv +header-end+ (concatenate 'simple-byte-vector +newline+ +newline+))
(defprotocol http-serve (con)
(reset-timeout con (http-serve-timeout)))
(io 'http-serve-parse-headers con (io 'recvline-shared-buf con +header-end+)))
#- (and)
(defun http-serve-parse-headers-clean (con done headers)
(declare (optimize speed))
(let (
(request-content-length 0)
(request-origin (con-peer-info con))
(flet ((handle-header (name value)
(declare (type simple-byte-vector name value))
(unless (zerop (length value))
(case-match-fold-ascii-case name
(setf request-content-length (match-int value)))
(setf host value))
(match-bind (
(+ word (or (+ (space)) (last))
'(case-match-fold-ascii-case (the simple-byte-vector word)
("close" (setf connection-close t))
("keep-alive" (setf connection-close nil)))))
(setf request-origin
(match-x-forwarded-for value)))))))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'handle-header))
(macrolet ((lws () `(or #\Space #\Tab)))
method (+ (lws))
(or (progn (+ (lws)) (:? "HTTP/" (version-major (unsigned-byte :max-length 3) 1) "."
(version-minor (unsigned-byte :max-length 3) 0) (* (lws))) +newline+)
'(setf connection-close (not (or (< 1 version-major) (and (= 1 version-major) (< 0 version-minor)))))
header-name ":" (* (lws)) value +newline+
'(handle-header header-name value)
(* (+ (lws)) extra-value +newline+
'(handle-header header-name extra-value))
(http-serve-process-body con done
:request-content-length request-content-length
:host host
:origin request-origin
:connection-close connection-close)))))
(defun http-serve-parse-headers (con done headers)
(declare (optimize speed))
(let ((*servestate* (make-servestate :origin (con-peer-info con))))
(flet ((handle-header (name value)
(declare (type simple-byte-vector name value))
(unless (zerop (length value))
#.`(case-match-fold-ascii-case name
(setf (servestate-content-length*) (match-int value)))
(match-bind (
(+ word (or (+ (space)) (last))
'(case-match-fold-ascii-case (the simple-byte-vector word)
("close" (setf (servestate-connection-close*) t))
("keep-alive" (setf (servestate-connection-close*) nil)))))
(setf (servestate-origin*)
(match-x-forwarded-for value)))
,@(loop for f in *stored-servestate-header-fields*
`(,(force-string f)
(push value (,(concat-sym 'servestate- f '*)))))))))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'handle-header))
(let ((pos 0))
(declare (type (integer 0 100000) pos)
(type simple-byte-vector headers))
(macrolet (
(e (&optional (d 0))
`(locally (declare (optimize (safety 0))) (aref headers (+ pos ,d))))
(u (&rest chars)
(with-unique-names (s)
`(let ((,s pos))
(loop until (m ,@chars) do (incf pos))
(subseq headers ,s pos))))
(m (&rest chars)
`(let ((e (e))) (declare (type (unsigned-byte 8) e)) (or ,@(loop for c in chars collect `(= e ,(char-code c))))))
(w (&rest chars)
`(loop while (m ,@chars) do (incf pos)))
(s (string)
,@(loop for c across string
for i from 0 collect
`(assert (= (e ,i) ,(char-code c))))
(incf pos ,(length string))))
(i () ;; XXX hack
(- (e) (char-code #\0))
(incf pos)))
(ulws ()
`(multiple-value-prog1 (u #\Space #\Tab) (lws)))
(lws () `(w #\Space #\Tab))
(assert-eol ()
`(progn (incf pos) (assert (= ,(char-code #\Newline) (e))) (incf pos)))
(line ()
`(multiple-value-prog1 (u #\Return) (assert-eol))))
(let ((version-major 0) (version-minor 9))
(setf (servestate-method*) (ulws))
(match-request-url (ulws))
(cond ((= (e) (char-code #\Return)))
(s "HTTP/")
(setf version-major (i))
(s ".")
(setf version-minor (i))
(setf (servestate-connection-close*)
(not (or (< 1 version-major) (and (= 1 version-major) (< 0 version-minor)))))
(loop until (= (e) (char-code #\Return))
do (cond ((m #\Space #\Tab))
(let ((header-name (u #\:)))
(incf pos)
(handle-header header-name (line))))))
(http-serve-process-body con done *servestate*)))))))
(defprotocol http-serve-process-body (con servestate)
(unless (zerop (servestate-content-length servestate))
(setf (servestate-post-parameters servestate)
(io 'recv con (servestate-content-length servestate)))))
(io 'dispatch-servestate con servestate)
((servestate-connection-close servestate)
;;; In the case where the client did not legitimately expect a
;;; connexion close, they could pipeline more requests. Closing the
;;; socket might cause them to get ECONNRESET, which
;;; could make it unclear how many requests were really
;;; proccessed.
;;; The solution is to shutdown the write half of the socket,
;;; drain the read half of the socket and then close it.
;;; (io 'recv-discard-and-close con)
;;; However, this is slow, and as we never close the socket
;;; unless the client actually itself requested the socket to
;;; be closed, we can safely hangup.
(hangup con))
(t (io 'http-serve con))))
(defun http-serve-wait-timeout ()
(defun http-start-server (port)
(let ((socket ( :port port)))
( socket (http-serve-wait-timeout))
( ' socket 'tpd2.http:http-serve)