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(defun make-mux-array (len)
(make-array len :element-type '(or null con) :initial-element nil))
(defstruct mux
(fd-to-con (make-mux-array 128)
:type (simple-array (or null con))))
(my-defun mux empty ()
(every #'not (my fd-to-con)))
(my-defun mux find-fd (fd)
(declare (type (or null fixnum) fd))
(when fd
(when (> (length (my fd-to-con)) fd)
(aref (my fd-to-con) fd))))
(my-defun mux add (fd con)
(declare (type (or null fixnum) fd))
(when fd
(debug-assert (not (my find-fd fd)) (me con fd))
(when (>= fd (length (my fd-to-con)))
(let ((new (make-mux-array
(loop for length = (* 2 (length (my fd-to-con))) then (* 2 length)
thereis (when (> length fd) length)))))
(replace new (my fd-to-con))
(setf (my fd-to-con) new))
(debug-assert (> (length (my fd-to-con)) fd) (me fd)))
(setf (aref (my fd-to-con) fd) con)))
(my-defun mux del (fd)
(declare (fixnum fd))
(when (my find-fd fd)
;(debug-assert (= (con-socket (aref (my fd-to-con) fd)) fd) (me fd)) ;; not vaild when ssl involved
(setf (aref (my fd-to-con) fd) nil)))
(my-defun mux close-all ()
(loop for x across (my fd-to-con)
when x
do (hangup x)))
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