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(define-condition protocol-error (socket-error)
(define-condition connection-buffer-overflow-error (protocol-error)
((con :initarg :con) (len :initarg :len))
(:report (lambda (err stream)
(with-slots (con len)
(format stream "~A overflowed a buffer of length ~A" con len)))))
(defmacro simple-io-function (sym)
`(get ,sym 'simple-io-function))
(defmacro with-simple-io (&body body)
`(macrolet ((io (func con-var &rest args)
(check-symbols con-var)
`(funcall (simple-io-function ,func) ,con-var ,@args)))
(flet ((hangup (con)
(declare (ignore con)))
(reset-timeout (con timeout)
(declare (ignore con timeout))))
(declare (ignorable #'hangup #'reset-timeout))
(defmacro defun-simple-io (name lambda-list &body body)
(setf (simple-io-function ',name)
(defun ,(concat-sym-from-sym-package name 'simple-io- name)
,lambda-list (with-simple-io ,@body)))))
(defun-simple-io recv (stream amount)
(let ((buf (make-string amount)))
(let ((amt (read-sequence buf stream)))
(assert (= amt (length buf))))
(let ((r (force-byte-vector buf)))
(assert (= (length r) amount))
(defun-simple-io recvline (stream)
(force-byte-vector (read-line stream nil nil)))
(defun-simple-io send (stream sendbuf)
(loop for buf in (sendbuf-head sendbuf)
do (write-string (force-string buf) stream))
(defmacro defprotocol (name (con-var &rest args) &body body)
(check-symbols con-var name)
(with-unique-names (done)
(defun-simple-io ,name (,con-var ,@args)
(defun ,name (,con-var ,done ,@args)
(funcall ,done (locally ,@body)))))))
(defmacro io (func con-var &rest args &environment env)
(check-symbols con-var)
(with-unique-names (k)
(let* (gensyms
(func (if (and (listp func) (eq 'quote (first func))) `(function ,@(rest func)) func))
(arg-syms (loop for a in args collect
((constantp a env)
(let ((g (gensym (force-string a))))
(push `(,g ,a) gensyms)
`(let ,(reverse gensyms)
(funcall ,func ,con-var (convert-continuation-to-normal-function ,k) ,@arg-syms)))))))
(defmacro launch-io (func con-var &rest args)
(once-only (con-var)
(con-set-callback ,con-var
(funcall ,func ,con-var
(lambda (&rest args) (declare (ignore args)))
(con-run ,con-var)
#| ; cl-cont might overflow stack
(defprotocol accept-forever (con proto)
(loop for n = (io 'accept con)
do (launch-io proto n)))
; |#
(defvar *socket-accept-burst* 16)
(my-defun con 'accept-forever (done proto)
(declare (ignore done))
(loop repeat *socket-accept-burst*
for new = (socket-accept (my socket))
while new
do (launch-io proto new))
(my when-ready-to-read #'my-call)
(defmacro defprotocol (name (con-var &rest args) &body body)
(check-symbols con-var name)
(with-unique-names (done)
(defun-simple-io ,name (,con-var ,@args)
(defun ,name (,con-var ,done ,@args)
(funcall ,done (locally ,@body))))))
(defmacro io (func con-var &rest args)
(check-symbols con-var)
(with-unique-names (val)
`(let (,val)
(funcall ,func ,con-var (lambda (&optional arg &rest args)
(declare (ignore args))
(setf ,val arg))
;; These preserve the status quo but are convenient for emacs use
(pushnew :tpd2-untransformed-io *features*)
(deletef :tpd2-untransformed-io *features*)