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(deftype recvbuf-small-integer ()
`(integer 0 #x10000000))
(defconstant +recvbuf-default-size+ 8192)
(defconstant +recvbuf-maximum-size+ (* 64 1024))
(defconstant +recvbuf-oversize+ 10000)
(defconstant +recvbuf-target-available-size+ 1024)
(defstruct recvbuf
(store (make-byte-vector +recvbuf-default-size+) :type simple-byte-vector)
(read-idx 0 :type recvbuf-small-integer)
(write-idx 0 :type recvbuf-small-integer))
(defvar *recvbufs* nil)
(my-defun recvbuf len ()
(the recvbuf-small-integer (length (my store))))
(my-defun recvbuf reset ()
(setf (my write-idx) 0
(my read-idx) 0))
(declaim (ftype (function () recvbuf) get-recvbuf))
(defun-speedy get-recvbuf ()
(or (pop *recvbufs*) (make-recvbuf)))
(my-defun recvbuf 'put-recvbuf ()
(unless (> (my len) +recvbuf-oversize+)
(my reset)
(push me *recvbufs*)))
(my-defun recvbuf half-full-or-more ()
(or (>= (* 2 (- (my write-idx) (my read-idx))) (my len))
(my full)))
(my-defun recvbuf empty ()
(= (my read-idx) (my write-idx)))
(my-defun recvbuf full ()
(= (my write-idx) (my len)))
(my-defun recvbuf available-to-eat ()
(the recvbuf-small-integer (- (my write-idx) (my read-idx))))
(my-defun recvbuf shift-up (&optional (desired-available 0) (maximum-size +recvbuf-maximum-size+))
((= (my write-idx) (my read-idx))
(when (> desired-available (my len))
(setf (my store) (make-byte-vector (min maximum-size desired-available))))
(my read-idx) 0
(my write-idx) 0))
;; Unfortunately cannot use adjust-array as that might make non "simple" arrays
(let ((new-store (make-byte-vector
(min maximum-size
(max (my len) (+ (my available-to-eat) desired-available))))))
(replace new-store (my store) :start2 (my read-idx) :end2 (my write-idx))
(decf (my write-idx) (my read-idx))
(setf (my read-idx) 0
(my store) new-store))))
(my-defun recvbuf prepare-read (&optional (desired-available +recvbuf-target-available-size+) (maximum-size +recvbuf-maximum-size+))
(declare (type recvbuf-small-integer desired-available))
(when (> desired-available (- (my len) (my write-idx)))
(my shift-up desired-available maximum-size))
(debug-assert (>= (- (my len) (my write-idx)) desired-available) (me desired-available))
(my-defun recvbuf read-some (con &optional retry)
(assert (not (my full)) () 'connection-buffer-overflow-error :con con :len (my len))
(let ((s
(socket-read (con-socket con)
(my store)
(my write-idx))))
((not s)
(when retry
(con-when-ready-to-read con retry))
(declare (type fixnum s))
(incf (my write-idx) s)
(my-defun recvbuf recv (con &optional done)
(let ((s (my read-some con (when done #'my-call))))
(cond ((not s))
((zerop s)
(error 'socket-closed))
(when done
(funcall done))))))
(my-defun recvbuf sync ()
(when (my empty)
(setf (my write-idx) 0)
(setf (my read-idx) 0))
(my-defun recvbuf peek ()
(make-displaced-vector (my store) :start (my read-idx) :end (my write-idx)))
(my-defun recvbuf eat-to-idx (&optional (ending (recvbuf-write-idx recvbuf)))
(make-displaced-vector (my store) :start (my read-idx) :end ending)
(setf (my read-idx) ending)
(my sync)))
(my-defun recvbuf eat (amount)
(my eat-to-idx (+ (my read-idx) amount)))
(my-defun recvbuf find (delimiter)
(declare (type simple-byte-vector delimiter))
(let ((limit (- (my write-idx) (1- (length delimiter))))
(trigger (aref delimiter 0)))
(loop for i from (my read-idx) below limit
(and (= trigger (aref (my store) i))
(loop for j from 1 below (length delimiter)
thereis (/= (aref delimiter j) (aref (my store) (+ i j))))
(my-defun recvbuf eat-to-delimiter (delimiter)
(let ((ending (my find delimiter)))
(when ending
(my eat-to-idx ending)
(incf (my read-idx) (length delimiter))
(my sync)))))
(my-defun recvbuf 'print-object (stream)
(print-unreadable-object (me stream :type t :identity t)
(format stream "read ~D/~D bytes: ~A~%|~%~A"
(my read-idx)
(my write-idx)
(force-string (subseq (my store) 0 (my read-idx)))
(force-string (subseq (my store) (my read-idx) (my write-idx))))))