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(defvar *max-pot* 20)
(defvar *min-pot* 1)
(defvar *max-penalty* 5)
(defvar *min-penalty* 0)
(defgame nash-bargain (coin-game)
((pot (random-between *min-pot* *max-pot*))
(penalty (random-between *min-penalty* *max-penalty*)))
(defplayer ()
((demand 0)))
(:game-name "Nash's Bargaining Game")
"There is a pot of coins to be shared. Players each make a secret demand to receive a certain number of coins. If the players can all be satisfied, they all receive their demand. Otherwise, if their combined demands are too high, then all the players receive a penalty. " (<br)
"This is a generalisation of the prisoner's dilemma. Read more at "
(<a :href "" "Wikipedia") ".")))
(my-defun nash-bargain 'play ()
(with-its-type (p nash-bargain-player)
(my new-state)
(with-join-spawn/cc ()
(loop for p in (my players)
(let-current-values (p)
(spawn/cc ()
(setf (its demand p) (my secret-move :select-demand p `(:integer 0 ,(my pot))))))))
(let ((total-demand
(loop for p in (my players)
for demand = (its demand p)
(my announce :demand :player p :amount demand)
summing demand)))
(cond ((>= (my pot) total-demand)
(loop for p in (my players) do
(its give-coins p (its demand p)))
(my finished :result :sharing))
(loop for p in (my players) do
(its give-coins p (- (my penalty))))
(my finished :result :penalty)))))))
(my-defun nash-bargain 'object-to-ml ()
(flet ((coins (c) (format nil "~R coin~:P" c)))
(<h3 "Pot: " (my pot) ", penalty: " (my penalty) ".")
(<p "The pot has " (coins (my pot)) "; you can demand zero or more of them. "
"If the total demanded by the players is less than or equal to " (coins (my pot)) ", then each player receives his or her demand. "
"Otherwise, if the players are too greedy, they each forfeit " (coins (my penalty)) ". ")
"Your real demand is secret, but you can talk to the other player."))))
(my-defun nash-bargain drop-player :before (p)
(unless (my game-over)
(with-shorthand-accessor (p coin-game-player p)
(p give-coins (- (my penalty))))))
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