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(my-defun truc-player 'object-to-ml ()
(<div :class "truc-player"
(<p (my stack) (format nil " chip~P." (my stack)))
((my folded)
(<p :class "folded" "FOLDED"))
((not (zerop (my wins)))
(<p :class "wins" (my wins) (format nil " win~P this round." (my wins)))))))
(my-defun truc 'object-to-ml ()
(<div :class "truc"
(<p :class "stake" "Playing for "
(my stake) (format nil " chip~P" (my stake)) ".")
(<div :class "table"
(loop for p in (my players)
when (and (not (its folded p)) (its chosen-card p))
do (<p (player-controller-name-to-ml (player-controller p)) ": " (output-object-to-ml (make-card-from-number (its chosen-card p))))))
(loop for p in (my players)
when (and (current-web-controller (player-controller p)) (its cards p)) do
(<div :class "hand"
(<p "Your cards are: "
(loop for card in (sort (copy-list (its cards p)) '> :key 'card-number-truc-ranking) do
(output-escaped-ml " ")
(cond ((loop for m in (its waiting-for-input (player-controller p))
thereis (eql (its move-type m) :select-card))
(let-current-values (p card)
(html-action-link (output-object-to-ml (make-card-from-number card))
(web-state-queue-choice (player-controller p) :select-card card)
(t (output-object-to-ml (make-card-from-number card)))))
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