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allow frame-vars to take default parameters

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1 parent 0bc2c98 commit 357332eee83d2dc7039f2d267d6fa357cf3020ca @vii committed Mar 11, 2010
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  1. +6 −5 src/webapp/frame.lisp
11 src/webapp/frame.lisp
@@ -36,16 +36,17 @@
(setf *webapp-frame* (apply 'make-frame args-for-make-frame)))
-(my-defun frame var (id)
- (getf (my variables) id))
+(my-defun frame var (id &optional default)
+ (getf (my variables) id default))
(my-defun frame (setf var) (val id)
(setf (getf (my variables) id) val))
-(defun webapp-frame-var (id)
- (frame-var (webapp-frame) id))
+(defun webapp-frame-var (id &optional default)
+ (frame-var (webapp-frame) id default))
-(defun (setf webapp-frame-var) (val id)
+(defun (setf webapp-frame-var) (val id &optional default)
+ (declare (ignore default))
(setf (frame-var (webapp-frame) id) val))
(defun list-all-frames ()

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