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@@ -37,8 +37,7 @@
as an experiment I decided to try to make a faster web-framework
in a less efficient language: thus teepeedee2.</p>
- <p>It was possible, but it took a lot of effort. Common Lisp is
- certainly not well suited to the project.</p>
+ <p>It was possible, but it took a lot of effort.</p>
@@ -79,11 +78,12 @@
sendbufs and cords, so that need not depend on
(and thereby CFFI).</li>
- <li>Tidy up the HTTP client and make it much higher
- performance.</li>
+ <li>Tidy up the HTTP server, and reintegrate the HTTP client
+ with it.</li>
- <li>Rewrite the dispatcher mechanism to use a perfect hash
- instead of a standard hash-table.</li>
+ <li>Rewrite the dispatcher mechanism to support more complicated
+ routing. And maybe something cool like using a perfect hash
+ instead of a standard hash-table?</li>
<p> Patches welcomed! Write to the
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