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use the channel page name (doh)

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1 parent 041f78d commit a22c4f9479cf8b92b63ba5dcc6715196bd6d1fe4 @vii committed May 26, 2010
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2 src/webapp/channel.lisp
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@
(when original-hangup-handler
(apply original-hangup-handler args)))))))))))
-(defun register-channel-page (&optional (url (site-action-page-name (current-site))))
+(defun register-channel-page (&optional (url (site-channel-page-name (current-site))))
(dispatcher-register-path (site-dispatcher (current-site)) url #'channel-respond-page))
(my-defun channel 'object-to-ml ()

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