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This repository has been moved to Gitlab. The repo is archieved and is read-only now. Please go to Gitlab to get updates and participate on issues.

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ScreenRecorder Build Status

App Icon

Requires Lollipop and above (SDK 21+)

Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play

User Support


Telegram Support QR

Slack: Comming soon!


Bitcoin: 1Cbf61y8XNx3BLWvoZB71x4XgBKB7r8BuB

PayPal: Paypal Donate

Flattr: Flattr this git repo

Building the app

Make a copy of the repository

Make sure to have Git installed and clone the repo using

git clone

Building the apk

Building apk is possible in 3 ways

1.a. Building debug apk using commandline

Switch to project root directory and run

Build Fdroid flavour

gradlew.bat assembleFdroidDebug

Build Play flavour

gradlew.bat assemblePlayDebug

1.b. Building release apk using commandline

Switch to project root directory and make sure to edit app module's build.gradle to include signing key information and run

Build Fdroid flavour

gradlew.bat assembleFdroidRelease

Build Play flavour

gradlew.bat assemblePlayRelease

2. Building using AndroidStudio

Open Android Studio -> File -> Import Project -> Choose the cloned project folder and continue with the on-screen instructions


Any contribution to the app is welcome in the form of pull requests.

License and copyright infringements

I will consider any kind of license or copyright infringements seriously and will send copyright claim notice or license infringement notice to anyone who is not adhering to them.

If you notice any content which seem to be infringing, please fill the below google forms to help me indentify and take them down.

Google Form



This project is licensed under the GNU AGPLv3 - see the LICENSE file for details