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Fluentd - Ceph's S3 storage integration for storing docker logs
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Rook's Ceph S3 storage Add-On integration with Fluentd

s3 output plugin buffers event logs in local file and upload it to S3 periodically.

$ gem install fluent-plugin-s3 -v "~> 0.8" --no-document # for fluentd v0.12 or later
$ gem install fluent-plugin-s3 -v 1.0.0 --no-document # for fluentd v1.0 or later

Create a fluentd local docker image with fluentd-ceph-s3-image/Dockerfile

gem 'fluent-plugin-s3', '~>1.0.0' // this installs S3 plugin needed for fluentd output plugin

Fluentd ConfigMap

Add following Output conf replacing the {{ . }} with corresponding configuration values. (File - fluentd-ceph-s3-configmap.yaml)

<match **>
      @type s3
      aws_key_id {{.CEPH_S3_KEY_ID}}
      aws_sec_key {{.CEPH_S3_SECRET_KEY}}
      s3_bucket {{.CEPH_S3_BUCKET_NAME}}
      s3_endpoint {{.CEPH_S3_URL_WITH_STORE_NAME}}
      path logs
      # by default Objects are gZipped but you can store as json
      store_as json
      <buffer tag,time>
        @type file
        path /var/log/fluent/s3
        timekey 3600 # 1 hour partition
        timekey_wait 10m
        timekey_use_utc true # use utc
        chunk_limit_size 256m

For further info on installing Rook's Ceph S3 :

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