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Updated CHANGELOG with latest major updates.

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@@ -18,3 +18,6 @@ to newest):
- [`d2abd6f9df4e4a42`]( fixed submit and bubbling behavior for IE
- [`d59144177d867908`]( created external api via `$.rails` object
- [`cd357e492de14747`]( added support for jQuery 1.6 and dropped support for jQuery 1.4.3
+- [`50c06dcc02c1b08c`]( added `confirm:complete` event hook which is passed result from confirm dialog
+- [`8063d1d47ea6a08e`]( made $.rails.confirm and $.rails.ajax functions available in $.rails object
+- [`a96c4e9b074998c6`]( added support for jQuery 1.6.1
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