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Commits on Sep 17, 2012
  1. @bagder

    test2006: Updated expected output to include hash name

    bagder committed Sep 18, 2012
    Output changed in commit a34197e
  2. @snikulov @bagder
  3. @snikulov @bagder
  4. @bagder

    TODO-RELEASE: push new features to 7.29

    bagder committed Sep 17, 2012
    Leave two bug fixes as possibly fixed for 7.28 but as nobody seems to be
    working on them I have little hope...
  5. @mback2k
Commits on Sep 16, 2012
  1. @sgolemon @bagder

    curl_multi_wait: Add parameter to return number of active sockets

    sgolemon committed with bagder Sep 15, 2012
    Minor change to recently introduced function.  BC breaking, but since
    curl_multi_wait() doesn't exist in any releases that should be fine.
Commits on Sep 14, 2012
  1. @mback2k
  2. @mback2k
  3. @mback2k
  4. @mback2k
Commits on Sep 13, 2012
  1. @mback2k
  2. @mback2k
  3. @mback2k
  4. @bagder

    parse_proxy: treat "socks://x" as a socks4 proxy

    bagder committed Sep 13, 2012
    Selected socks proxy in Google's Chrome browser. Resulting in the
    following environment variables:
    ... and libcurl didn't treat 'socks://' as socks but instead picked HTTP
    Reported by: Scott Bailey
Commits on Sep 12, 2012
  1. @kdudka

    ssh: do not crash if MD5 fingerprint is not provided by libssh2

    kdudka committed Sep 12, 2012
    The MD5 fingerprint cannot be computed when running in FIPS mode.
  2. @kdudka
Commits on Sep 11, 2012
  1. @mback2k

    tool_metalink.c: Added name of validation hash to messages

    mback2k committed Sep 12, 2012
    This makes it easier to debug broken hashes or hash functions.
  2. @mback2k

    wincrypt: Fixed cross-compilation issues caused by include name

    mback2k committed Sep 11, 2012
    For some reason WinCrypt.h is named wincrypt.h under MinGW.
  3. @mback2k
  4. @mback2k

    Makefile.m32: Updated to build against libmetalink 0.1.2

    mback2k committed Sep 11, 2012
    The include and library path were moved within libmetalink, this
    patch adjusts the defaults provided within the curl MinGW makefile.
  5. @mback2k

    tool_metalink.c: Added support for Microsoft Windows CryptoAPI

    mback2k committed Sep 11, 2012
    Since Metalink support requires a crypto library for hash functions
    and Windows comes with the builtin CryptoAPI, this patch adds that
    API as a fallback to the supported crypto libraries.
    It is automatically used on Windows if no other library is provided.
  6. @mback2k
  7. @mback2k

    libntlmconnect.c: Fixed warning: curl_easy_getinfo expects long pointer

    mback2k committed Sep 11, 2012
    Fixed tests/libtest/libntlmconnect.c:52: warning: call to
    '_curl_easy_getinfo_err_long' declared with attribute warning:
    curl_easy_getinfo expects a pointer to long for this info
  8. @mback2k
  9. @mback2k

    libntlmconnect.c: Fixed warning: comparison of signed/unsigned integer

    mback2k committed Sep 11, 2012
    Windows does not use -1 to represent invalid sockets and the
    SOCKET type is unsigned.
  10. @mback2k
  11. @mback2k

    tool_metalink.c: Fixed error: 'O_BINARY' undeclared

    mback2k committed Sep 11, 2012
    Check for O_BINARY which is not available on every system.
Commits on Sep 10, 2012
  1. @mback2k

    tool_metalink.c: Fixed validation of binary files containing EOF

    mback2k committed Sep 11, 2012
    Since Windows/MinGW threat 0x1A as the EOF character, reading binary
    files which contain that byte does not work using text mode.
    The read function will only read until the first 0x1A byte. This
    means that the hash is not computed from the whole file and the
    final validation check using hash comparision fails.
  2. @mback2k

    winbuild: Added support for building with SPNEGO enabled

    mback2k committed Sep 10, 2012
    Since Simple and Protected GSSAPI Negotiation Mechanism
    is already implemented in curl and supported by the MinGW
    builds, this change adds build support to winbuild makefiles.
  3. @mback2k

    winbuild: Adjusted order of options to generated config name

    mback2k committed Sep 10, 2012
    Cleaned up order of handled build options by ordering them
    nearly alphabetically by using the order of the generated
    config name. Preparation for future/more build options.
Commits on Sep 9, 2012
  1. @antbryan @bagder
  2. @bagder

    RELEASE-NOTES: synced with 6c6f1f6

    bagder committed Sep 9, 2012
    6 bug fixes to mention, 5 contributors
  3. @bagder

    TODO-RELEASE: CURLSSH_AUTH_AGENT and curl_multi_wait() are done

    bagder committed Sep 9, 2012
    -321 - CURLSSH_AUTH_AGENT patch by Armel Asselin
    -324 - curl_multi_select() vs curl_multi_fdvec() etc
  4. @mback2k

    curl_schannel.c: Reference count the credential/session handle

    mback2k committed Sep 9, 2012
    Reference counting the credential handle should avoid that such a
    handle is freed while it is still required for connection shutdown
Commits on Sep 8, 2012
  1. @bagder

    darwinssl: fixed for older Mac OS X versions

    Nick Zitzmann committed with bagder Sep 7, 2012
    SSL didn't work on older cats if built on a newer cat with weak-linking
    turned on to support the older cat
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