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<span="imagetitle"><h1>Colour distribution for movie posters in <span id='year'></span></h1></span>
<p>Here is my post on: <a href="/blog/?p=214">Colours in Movie Posters since 1914</a></p>
<p> This page shows the relative proportion of each colour in all movie posters in the above year. Drag this slider to change the year:<br>
<div id="year_slider"></div>
Here is <a href="new_page.html"> a visualization of the colour distribution across all years.</a><br>
<table> <tr><td style="vertical-align:top"><img id="image" width="650px" height="400px"></td><td style="vertical-align:top"><div id='movies'>MOVIES</div></td></tr><table> <br>