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import json
import md5
#make hashes
def baseN(num,b,numerals="ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ"):
return ((num == 0) and numerals[0]) or (baseN(num // b, b, numerals).lstrip(numerals[0]) + numerals[num % b])
cksum_number_map = {}
def add(s):
cksum_number_map[md5.md5(s).hexdigest().upper()] = s
#The correct formats are:
#one number, one letter, two numbers. For example: 5X55
#two letters, three numbers. For example: XX555
#three letters, three numbers. For example: XXX555
for i in range(1000):
for j in range(26**3):
istr = str(i)
alpha_string = baseN(j,26)
if len(alpha_string) == 1:
add(istr[0] + alpha_string + istr[1:])
add(alpha_string + istr)
for i in range(int(6e6)):
cksum_number_map[md5.md5('%0.6d' % i).hexdigest().upper()] = str(i)
for i in range(5000000, 5900000):
cksum_number_map[md5.md5('%0.7d' % i).hexdigest().upper()] = str(i)
json.dump(cksum_number_map, open('rainbow.json', 'w'))