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A web app to incentivize responsible investing: A General Assembly Labs collaboration
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Welceome to Moneta, a web application to incentivize responsible investing, as a part of a General Assembly Labs collaboration between the Product Management Immersive, the Web Development Immersive, and User Experience Design Immersive programs.


These sections roughly describe the technologies used in the development of this application for others who might continue working on it. While list is extensive, it is comprehensive enough to give a sense of how the app works.


A MEAN stack app, this project is built primarily with Javascript, specifically Node.js with Express on the back-end, Angular on the front-end, and MongoDB to handle data. For design, HTML5/CSS3 will be used, as well as a Bootstrap.


(Oauth2 or Passport) is currently being used for authentication, with integration with Facebook, Google, and Twitter. The app also utilizes XXXXX to allow keys to be initialized locally and avoid having them in the codebase.


  • Twilio (for text notifications)
  • Google Calendar integration?
  • Possible visualizations with Chartkick or D3.js?

Business Logic

index.js: Creates the server, connects the app to the relevant Mongo database, and serves static files.

./public/scripts/app.js: Handles application routing using Angular UI router.

./models/user.js and ./models/todo.js: Define the user and todo model, respectively.

User Stories

Home page (index.html)

As a VISITOR I can...

  • view the page/read app description
  • create an account
  • sign in to existing account

Profile page (user/index.html):

As a USER I can...

  • Update and Delete profile —> Link to Edit profile view
  • View checklist
  • Click items to display articles
  • Check completed checklist items
  • Logout

Edit profile page (user/edit.html):

As a USER I can...

  • Edit email, location, age, income, password , phone #
  • Delete profile
  • Logout

User show (user/*/show.html):

As a USER I can...

  • Click checklist item to dynamically display article/resources with links (that open in a separate tab target="_blank". Once clicked, display modal "Great-- you've done blah."
  • Check off checklist item
  • Hover over key terms to display definitions
  • Logout

As an ADMIN-USER I can...

  • CRUD (create-read-update-destroy) checklist items (item_name)
  • CRUD (create-read-update-destroy) article title/content
  • Logout



Product Managers

  • Reed Eisenhauer
  • David Rudolph
  • Ryan Wallace

User Experience and Design

Contact and contributions

Please contact us via Twitter if you have any questions or want to contribute to this project!

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