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PBX-Asterisk-NodeJS-Angular, Its a project about telling the how simply we can translate the technology with a component of business solutions. Its great thing added to our development niche where we can develop solution or UI much more faster than anything else its hardly requires rework.

Below business solution we discussed are multi-tenant based, so admin can create customers as many as he wants. And each customer can manage the each business component with proper solution and there activities. Currently Solution has covered 2 business component:

  1. Dialer/BroadCasting: Campaign can be created and can be activated to dial-out at a given pace and channel allocated to each campaign with selected supplier.
    Features requirements:
    1.1. Campaign Management
    1.2. Mesasage Management
    1.3. Supplier Management
    1.4. Upload Management
    1.5. Leads Management

  2. Generate calls might be get inbound calls as per customers are going to call back us on the displayed ANI's. These calls must be automatically handled with a customer sevice representative.
    Features requirements:
    2.1. DID Number Management
    2.2. Queue Management
    2.3. Extension Management

The solution is majorly developed on the base component which is used and extended to each module to develop final solution. Solution design is based on Facade Design with Factory pattern in each module so that solution has in-built ability to connect each thing centrally and coding on solution is reduced for further module addition. It also improves the quality of solution.

You can visit us on www.gventure.net or www.gventure.us