A universal wrapper to dynamically update your location based on your Nomad List profile
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Nomad List Embed

A universal wrapper to dynamically update your location based on your Nomad List profile


It's expected that your target demographic uses semi-modern browsers - as long as they support document.querySelector and window.fetch, everything should work well.

It's also expected you have access to a server to scrape NomadLists' site so you don't overwhelm their site.



The server installation requires node to be installed. Most versions should work, but don't quote me on that 😄

  • Save the server.js (or server.nocomment.js) file somewhere in your server - the setup I run has it saved in ~/bin/nomad.js

  • run npm install got cheerio in the folder the script is installed (so for me that was ~/bin)

  • make sure the save folder in server.{nocomment.}js exists - mkdir -p /var/www/html/data/ for me

  • make sure the user has write permission to the folder (/var/www/html/data/)

    • Note: you might want to run this as your webserver user for security
  • Add a cron job to make the script run every so often - 0 0,1 * * * "cd /home/{username}/bin/ && node nomad.js > /home/{username}/bin/nomadList.log" will run hourly

  • Configure your webserver to serve the file. For nginx:

location = /whereami.html {
    root /var/www/html/data/;
    try_files $uri $uri/ =404;
  • Add client-side code


  • Add an html element <div class="{your selector (default: location)}"></div>
  • Download client.(min | nocommment).js and add it to your code base. Make sure to update the constant values

File Structure

  • {name}.js are fully commented and intended to give you a better understanding of the code
  • {name}.nocomment.js have the comments removed but are readable
  • {name}.min.js are minified to a decent extent and can be used in production

Issues + support

Feel free to create an issue if you have any questions, feature requests or found a bug. As of now, there's no specific template, but if this gets too much traction, I'll put something in place. If you want to contact me directly, feel free to email me, or message me on telegram or facebook messenger.


Feel free to create a Pull Request if you think any changes should be made. You don't have to explain yourself, but be able to if requested.