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Uses soundex to give back a list of similar sounding words.
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Similar Sounding Words

When it is given the word color, this is what it gives back: collar coaler choler cooler caller cholera cellar collier celery calorie clear culler Clari Clary clawer chiller colliery Collier Clare Clair Clara Clarie Clarey clayier Claire clearway

Rather nice, eh?


If you want this to use some other word list, you’ll need to download a dictionary for it. Any ‘.dic’ file from should work. Open setup.rb, change en_US.dic to whatever is appropriate for the file you downloaded, and then run setup.rb.

You could also create your own dictionary file. Just put each word on a new line. Anything after a ‘/’ is ignored.


The Levenshtein calculation code was by Paul Battley and taken from here.

The Soundex Calculation was from here.

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