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BibSpace is an Online Bibtex Publications Management Software for Authors and Research Groups. Read about its features at the Error Blog under: BibSpace @ the Error Blog.

Build Status

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Native Installation

Using BibSpace with Docker


To run BibSpace tests (inside Docker), run the following commands.

docker-compose build
docker-compose  -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.test.yml up


To run BibSpace in production mode, run the following commands:

docker-compose build
docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d

That's it! Point you browser to http://localhost:8083/ to open BibSpace.

You may stop the container with

docker-compose down

The MySQL data is stored in db_data, whereas preferences and stats in json_data.


General update instructions

Any update of native installation (no Docker)

  1. Make backup
  2. Replace code with the code from a newer version:
git clone --branch <version>

Whereas <version> equals the name of a branch or release tag, for example: v0.5.4.

  1. (Optional) Restore backup if any data got lost.

Any update of Docker installation

  1. Make backup
  2. Stop Docker containers docker-compose down
  3. Download docker-compose.yml file from Github
  4. Change the image version of BibSpace in docker-compose.yml Locate the following part and remove the build part.
    context: .
    dockerfile: Dockerfile
    - db

And add the image definition with respective version. For version 0.6.0 this will look as follows:

  image: bibspace:0.6.0
    - db
  1. Run with docker-compose up -d
  2. (Optional) Restore backup if any data got lost.

Update instructions for particular versions

From Version <=0.5.2 to 0.6.x

  1. Important: Update to version 0.5.3 or 0.5.4 first to enable JSON backups.
  2. Backup your data to the JSON format and make sure that data can be restored correctly.
  3. Replace code with version 0.6.0 and restore data from the JSON backup.

From Version 0.5.0 to >0.5.0

  1. Update normally by replacing the code with newer version
  2. Execute the following commands:
mkdir -p json_data
mv *.json json_data/


I currently work on BibSpace to improve several things. I ship code in coding sessions that happen rather rarely - once, twice per year. In each session, I implement things according to the following priority list:

  1. Fix bugs from open issues
  2. Increase test coverage (until >90% is reached)
  3. Redesign/refactor bad smells in code from the past
  4. Implement features

Moreover, I keep redesigning BibSpace to increase the quality of code. Remember that this was a perl and Mojolicious sandbox, so not all parts were written properly in the past. The following elements will be improved as the work progresses:

  • Fix the ugliest backend API and refactoring it to adhere to REST API best practices
  • Separate the backend code and the frontend code into modules or even projects
  • Apply modern frontend framework
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