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Provides some autotest-like behavior for watchr
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Provides some autotest-like behavior for watchr (


gem install autowatchr

Current features

  • Auto-watches test and lib files using the autotest layout

  • Optionally run only failing-tests

  • Optionally run entire suite after all tests pass

  • Traps INT signal (Control-C) and re-runs all tests.


  • Cucumber support

  • Expose algorithm to map test classes to test files

Example use

Create a .watchr file for your project and simply declare an Autowatchr block within it:

# test/test.watchr
require 'autowatchr' do |config|
  config.ruby = 'jruby'
  config.lib_dir = 'leet_lib'
  config.test_dir = 'leet_test'

Your tests can then be run with:

$ watchr test/test.watchr

Configuration options

  • command

    • An ERB template for the command

    • Default: "<%= ruby %> -I<%= include %> <% list_of_requires.each { |lib| %>-r<%= lib %> <% } %><%= predicate %>"

  • ruby

    • The ruby executable to use

    • Default: "ruby"

  • include

    • Paths to include (with -I)

    • Default: ".:#{self.lib_dir}:#{self.test_dir}"

  • require

    • Libraries to include (with -r)

    • Can either be a string or an array (Ex: config.require = %w{rubygems active_support})

    • Default: nil

  • lib_dir

    • The lib path, where your library lives

    • Default: "lib"

  • test_dir

    • The test path, where your tests live

    • Default: "test"

  • lib_re

    • The regexp to use for discovering library files

    • Default: '^%s./.\.rb$' % self.lib_dir

  • test_re

    • The regexp to use for discovering test files

    • Default: '^%s./test_.\.rb$' % self.test_dir

  • test_file

    • The filename pattern for correlating test files with lib files. The %s will be substituted for the basename of the lib file.

    • Default: 'test_%s.rb'

  • failing_only

    • Run only failing tests the next time a test file is run

    • Default: true

  • run_suite

    • Run entire test suite after failing tests pass

    • Default: true

All of the config options are optional. You can also pass in a hash instead of a block. Also see: test.watchr.

Using with RSpec

Autowatchr can easily be configured to work with the standard RSpec file hierarchy:

# spec/spec.watchr
require 'autowatchr' do |config|
  config.test_dir = 'spec'
  config.test_re = "^#{config.test_dir}/(.*)_spec\.rb$"
  config.test_file = '%s_spec.rb'

Be sure you have spec_helper.rb required in every spec file, or else put it in your .watchr file.

Prettier Results

Autowatchr is compatible with the Watchr redgreen gem. Install 'mynyml-redgreen' and simply require it in your .watchr file.


Copyright © 2011 Jeremy Stephens. See LICENSE for details.

Many snippets were taken from ZenTest.


  • Stephen Eley (SFEley)

  • Adam Grant (harmon)

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