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Dubious Roadmap

We want developers to be able to merge Mirah code into existing Rails apps, so we should try to follow Rails conventions whenever possible. We also want developers to be able to create stand-alone Dubious apps. Here is the list of features I see as most critical.

  • Cookie-based sessions with support for flash

  • Create and Validate csrf tokens (some plumbing is in place)

  • Packaging system (we could use gems that include jar files)

  • Generators for scaffold (as well as controllers and models)

  • Command to generate a new dubious app

  • Strategy to generate/publish documentation

Mirah Features

We also need some new features from Mirah and MirahModel


  • The coerce_date methods should accept/parse strings

  • Validations starting with syntax for :required => true

  • Integrated JSON support for: respons_to :json


  • Fix issues with Hash Literals

  • Ability to add new methods to Java classes

  • Strategy to generate/publish documentation

  • Better syntax for 'returns'