Translate Django models without changing anything to existing applications and their underlying database.
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Important note: this package is not maintained anymore. We recommend looking at django-parler:



Important note when upgrading to version 0.1.2

The migration script adds a new unique index, like it was before. But this can fail because duplicates might exist in the database. The new unique index on the model KeyValue consists out of the following fields: ('language', 'content_type', 'field', 'object_id', 'digest')

You can make sure manually that you don't have duplicate entries in your database or you can use the following command to delete duplicates:

python deleteduplicates

It retains the oldest record and deletes the newest duplicates. It only works for mysql since it executes raw queries, this is way more faster that using the south api (it lasts for hours).


  • Translate Django models without changing anything to existing applications and their underlying database.
  • Uses a registration approach.
  • All translations are stored in one extra lookup table. Existing database tables remain untouched.
  • Recovery and cleanup of obsolete translations.
  • Translation admin interface included (uses CSS from django admin).
  • Transparent model API (in 99% of all cases, nothing has to be changed to original code).
  • Infinite caching for all strings (based on id and hash)

How to use

  1. Add it to INSTALLED_APPS

  2. Syncdb

  3. Register models (example for FlatPage model):

    from datatrans.utils import register

    class FlatPageTranslation(object):

    fields = ('title', 'content')

    register(FlatPage, FlatPageTranslation)

  4. Include the datatrans.urls in your urlconf somewhere, and point your browser to it!

  5. Translate away!

Note: you can also search through your objects using translated query strings with the datatrans_filter on your manager. For example:

FlatPageTranslation.objects.datatrans_filter(title__icontains='zoek dit', language='nl')

will return a QuerySet containing those objects whose dutch title contains the string 'zoek dit'. Note that this filter API is not identical to Django's, read the docstring for more info.