Programming environment for the book "Ruby On Rails Tutorial" by Michael Hartl
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Getting a full working Ruby On Rails development environment for Linux and Windows, as described in the book Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example by Michael Hartl can really suck. Hard. Various parts of the puzzle have dependencies that you have to hunt down, and they change rapidly, causing incompatibilities between versions, making it difficult to nail down a stable environment.


This project prescribes a solution to the problem for the Ubuntu Linux platform, and by extension, makes available an alternative path for Windows users via the Windows Ubuntu Installer. By following these instructions you can have a functioning environment up in about an hour.

These instructions will produce the full development environment as described in the book with Ruby 1.9.2 and ROR 3. It is complete with the optional RVM - Ruby Version Manager, Growl - pop-up notifications, Inotify - file system monitor (like FSevent for Mac OSX), and Autotest - automated continuous testing, running with Spork for fast test runs. These instructions can also be used as a template to quickly get up and running with a useful development environment for your own projects.

To begin, read the "Instructions" file.

Tip: Click the "Downloads" button to copy all the needed files to your computer in one shot.