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Beautiful animated Alert View. Written in Swift
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Animated Alert View written in Swift, which can be used as a UIAlertView or UIAlertController replacement. Since UIAlertView is deprecated and UIAlertController only works on iOS 8.x or above, if you have a Swift project where you want to support iOS 7.x too, SCLAlertView is an ideal substitution.

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Easy to use

Get Started

// Get started
SCLAlertView().showInfo("Important info", subTitle: "You are great")

Updating the alert view

let alertViewResponder: SCLAlertViewResponder = SCLAlertView().showSuccess("Hello World", subTitle: "This is a more descriptive text.")

// Upon displaying, change/close view
alertViewResponder.setTitle("New Title") // Rename title
alertViewResponder.setSubTitle("New description") // Rename subtitle
alertViewResponder.close() // Close view

Alternative alert types

SCLAlertView().showError("Hello Error", subTitle: "This is a more descriptive error text.") // Error
SCLAlertView().showNotice("Hello Notice", subTitle: "This is a more descriptive notice text.") // Notice
SCLAlertView().showWarning("Hello Warning", subTitle: "This is a more descriptive warning text.") // Warning
SCLAlertView().showInfo("Hello Info", subTitle: "This is a more descriptive info text.") // Info
SCLAlertView().showEdit("Hello Edit", subTitle: "This is a more descriptive info text.") // Edit

Raw call to showTitle()

    title: "Congratulations", // Title of view
    subTitle: "Operation successfully completed.", // String of view
    duration: 2.0, // Duration to show before closing automatically, default: 0.0
    completeText: "Done", // Optional button value, default: ""
    style: .Success // Styles - see below.
    colorStyle: 0xA429FF,
    colorTextButton: 0xFFFFFF


Add buttons

let alertView = SCLAlertView()
alertView.addButton("First Button", target:self, selector:Selector("firstButton"))
alertView.addButton("Second Button") {
    println("Second button tapped")
alertView.showSuccess("Button View", subTitle: "This alert view has buttons")

Hide default close button

let alertView = SCLAlertView()
alertView.showCloseButton = false
alertView.showSuccess("No button", subTitle: "You will have hard times trying to close me")

Add Text fields

// Add a text field
let alert = SCLAlertView()
let txt = alert.addTextField(title:"Enter your name")
alert.addButton("Show Name") {
    println("Text value: \(txt.text)")
alert.showEdit("Edit View", subTitle: "This alert view shows a text box")

Alert View Styles

enum SCLAlertViewStyle: Int {
    case Success, Error, Notice, Warning, Info, Edit, Wait


SCLAlertView is available through CocoaPods.

To install add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'SCLAlertView'


I tried to build an easy to use API, while beeing flexible enough for multiple variations, but I'm sure there are ways of improving and adding more features, so feel free to collaborate with ideas, issues and/or pull requests.

Incoming improvements

  • More animations
  • Performance tests

Has been developed initially for the Scroll Feed app

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