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DEPRECATED: Exilence is deprecated please use Exilence Next instead. Exilence servers have been shut down and you wont be able to use the old version, join our Discord if you have any further questions.

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Path of Exile tool used to track net worth, gear, maps and more of you and your party. Formerly known as ExileParty.



Download the latest release at


How to install


We do not own a code-signing certificate for the application, which means you will receive a warning the first time you launch the .exe. To get around this, just press "More info" -> "Run anyway" when it pops up, and the warning won't be displayed for you again.

Supporting us

We want to deliver the best functionality and experience for you that we possibly can. We always strive to achieve this, both by development directly and with the help of powerful servers. Servers cost money, and your support helps us maintain these servers in the future as well as speed up the development process.

If you feel like chiming in with something, here's our Patreon:


Currently runs with:

  • .NET Core 2.2.0
  • SignalR (.NET Core) 1.1.0 w/ Redis caching
  • Angular v6.0.3
  • Angular-CLI v6.0.3
  • Electron v4.0.1
  • Electron Builder v20.36.2
  • MongoDB v4.0.6

Help with development

If you want to help with development we gladly accept pull-requests. To set up the project, install the latest angular-cli and node version.

npm install -g @angular/cli
npm install
npm run start (to serve the project)
npm run electron:windows (optional, to build the installer for production)

To run the API you will need a local Redis- and MongoDB-server.

If you're interested in helping with development, contact us directly on discord: and we'll help setting it up.

Contact us

Communicate with us at our Discord

Report bugs at


  • for providing a great API, which lets us calculate net worth of players
  • for providing in-depth pricing data for items
  • for providing a great log-monitor to track the Client.txt
  • GGG for adding additional endpoints for us and for creating a great game!