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What is this repository for?

  • Add userstories to TAIGA.IO service using user/password and the project's slug.
  • It allow to add subject, description and points.
  • It allow to remove current userstories (use it carefully!).
  • slug:

How do I get set up?

  • Install node, please see: and update npm:
  • sudo npm install npm -g
  • Install NPM dependencies:
    npm install

How to run?

  • Without parameteres: just add the user stories.
    node index.js
  • delete-userstories: remove current user stories. (@default: false)
    node index.js --delete-userstories=true
  • userstories_file: filename to read new user stories. (@default: userstories.json)
    node index.js --userstories_file=file.json


userstories_file format file

Is an array of objects. Example:

  "subject": "Subject 1",
  "description": "Description 1",
  "points": {
    "back": 0,
    "front": 1,
    "ux": 2,
    "design": 3
}, {
  "subject": "Subject 2",
  "description": "Description 2",
  "points": {
    "back": 2,
    "front": 5,
    "ux": 3,
    "design": 8