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Fast URL Shortener - Pure Java SE Web Application with embedded web server.

Use java -server -jar UrlShortener.jar to run.

Try it on-line at or download the latest version jar.


  • Single Jar Application - no Application server or Database dependencies;
  • Refuses abusive Phishing Urls;
  • Easily customized with PHP-like smart tags;
  • Apache style logging for compatibility with existing tools;
  • Integration with Google webmaster tools and PhishTank API;
  • Configurable status redirects;
  • Light footprint, can run on very constrained systems.
  • Included Eclipse Java project;

Get the latest version

The current latest stable version is at r10.

You can build the Jar or edit the code in an Java IDE. An Eclipse project is included.

How to build your own Url Shortener

At the source/main/config/ folder you can find the file with the default configuration.

To customize the install to your liking edit the file or create a new file at the 'base directory' of your application with new values.

Server configuration

The server configuration can be edited without having to change the source code by editing the following properties in the file.

Field Default value Meaning
server.port 80 Port the server will be listening at.
server.ip Your server IP.
server.backlog 100 Backlog for waiting connections.
server.accessLog access_log File where the access log is written.
server.version software version Version of the server software being run.
google-site-verification googlee8c2b6528722a6b6.html Key used by Google Webmaster tools to confirm site ownership.
server.redirect 301 HTTP response code for Shortened Urls. Valid values are either 301 or 302.
web.shortlinkdomain Replace this with your site domain plus a '/'

Content and layout

If you deploy your own Url Shortener you'll want to edit those values for sure.

They control what is displayed in the Url Shortener html.

Field Default value Meaning
web.title URL Shortener HTML page title tag content. Displayed on the browser tab.
web.header Site logo.
web.footer Download this site source code... Optional footer text

Further customizations

The following files can be edited for a deeper customization:

File Type Contents
src / main / resources / index.html HTML Application main page.
src / main / resources / screen.css CSS Application style and layout.
src / main / resources / 404.html HTML Error page for invalid links.
src / main / resources / ajax.js JS Client side ajax script.
src / main / resources / robots.txt Text Robots file.


Apache Commons Validator 1.4.0 -

Apache Http-Components -

Log4j2 -


GNU Affero General Public License.

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