Creates short URLs for long links. Single page web application with embedded jetty server.
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URL Shortener - Pure Java SE Web Application with embedded Jetty 9 Http server.

Use java -server -jar UrlShortener.jar to run.

Try it on-line at or download the latest version jar.


  • Single Jar Application;
  • No Application server, Servelet Container or External Database dependencies;
  • Refuses abusive Phishing and Malware Urls;
  • Actively scans short Urls to identify possible threats;
  • Apache style logging for compatibility with existing tools;
  • Integration with Google Webmaster tools, Safebrowsing API and PhishTank API;
  • Configurable status redirects;
  • Light footprint, can run on very constrained systems.

Get the latest version

The stable version used in production at is v0.1.0.

Server configuration

Field Default value Meaning
server.port 80 Port the server will be listening at.
server.ip Your server IP.
server.accessLog access_log Access log filename.
server.version Version of the server software being run.
server.redirect 301 HTTP response code for Shortened Urls. Valid values are either 301 or 302.
server.cache 24 Amount of time (in hours) static pages should be cached.
server.domain Domain name where site is hosted.
database.folder Where to place Url Database files.
google-site-verification Key used by Google Webmaster tools to confirm site ownership.
safe-lookup-api-key API key to integrate with Google safe browsing lookup API.
phishtank-api-key API key to integrate with Phishtank API.
watchdog.wait 5 Time in seconds Url Watchdog is called after application starts.
watchdog.interval 16 Time in minute Url Watchdog sleeps.


Apache Commons Validator 1.4.0 -

Log4j2 -

Jetty 9 -


GNU Affero General Public License.