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StarCraft AI Bot that implements Michal Certicky's wall-in algorithm using ASP (clasp) and BWAPI
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ITUBot is a StarCraft Broodwar AI Bot that implements and modifies Certicky's wall-in algorithm created using logic programming.

The problem is formulated as a constraint satisfaction problem and solved by the Potsdam University's ASP (Answer Set Programming) solver: clasp. The solver is tested with two optimization modes: gap minimization and resource cost minimization. A detailed report* about the analysis is generated. The report contains:

  • Basic bot architecture
  • A step by step explanation of Certicky's modified algorithm
  • Algorithm run times for each optimization criteria on several different maps
  • Differences in the layout of the buildings in the solution between different optimization criteria
  • Related studies and future work

Here is a video of ITUBot walling in.


*: Sorry for the horrible formatting, the university formatting rules were unfortunately strict.

The project is coded on Visual Studio 2008 Express.

Update: Oh god, its horrible to look at that code. Apologies for the coding horrors in the source code, it was my first real-time program. Hopefully the report will help make more sense.

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