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Experimental libspotify PHP lib

Important notes

  • Read the libspotify license, there are some important things to note; for example you CAN NOT "attempt to embed or integrate the API into any website or otherwise allow access to the Service via the web rather than via the Application.".
  • The behaviour and API might change; this library is not production ready.


  • Install the libspotify dev files and binary that fits your system, get them from the Spotify developer website.
  • Run these commands: phpize; ./configure --enable-spotify; make && make install


// These two lines are only required if you want to use non-default paths.
ini_set("spotify.cache_location", "cache_location/");
ini_set("spotify.settings_location", "settings_location/");

$spotify = new Spotify("/path/to/key.file", "username", "password");

$coolTrack = $spotify->getTrackByURI('spotify:track:6JEK0CvvjDjjMUBFoXShNZ');

// List all playlists
$playlists = $spotify->getPlaylists(); // returns array of SpotifyPlaylist
foreach ($playlists as $playlist) {
    printf("%s (%d tracks, by %s)\n", $playlist, $playlist->getNumTracks(), $playlist->getOwner());

    foreach ($playlist->getTracks() as $track) {
        $duration = $track->getDuration();
        printf("  -> %s - %s [%02d:%02d]\n", $track->getArtist(), $track,
                $duration/60, $duration%60);

    // and add a important piece of music
    $playlist->addTrack($coolTrack, 0 /*position*/);


  • Make sure that the process executing the PHP script has access to the cache- and settings-folders.


Thanks to

Jeroen Flamman


  • Instead of returning arrays of objects, change to iterators and/or arrayaccess.
  • Remove private functions and replace them with pure C functions.
  • Add possibility to receive tracks in inbox. Due to obvious reasons (spam) we SHOULD NOT implement a way to send tracks.
  • Add possibility to search for tracks.
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