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Add minor support for Amazon Linux. Treat it as "not EL5"

For the purposes of curl & libev
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1 parent df8e63b commit fcc5559ad03bf6770a1e030a0896945753dc1dbc @erikogan erikogan committed Jul 9, 2011
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6 rpm/passenger.spec
@@ -88,10 +88,10 @@
%define is_fedora %{?fedora:1}%{?!fedora:0}
%define is_el6 %{?el6:1}%{?!el6:0}
+# Apparently Amazon is an amalgam of EL5 & EL6. Super.
+%define is_amzn %{?amzn:1}%{?!amzn:0}
# There's no macro set for EL5, do it by elimination
-%define is_el5 %{?!fedora:%{?!el6:1}}%{?fedora:0}%{?el6:0}
-# for now, this is sufficient
-%define is_el %{?fedora:0}%{?!fedora:1}
+%define is_el5 %{?!fedora:%{?!el6:%{?!amzn:1}}}%{?fedora:0}%{?el6:0}%{?amzn:0}
# They DID standardize, now just legacy support:
%define sharedir %{?is_el5:%{_datadir}}%{?!is_el5:%{_datarootdir}}

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