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Just another MV* framework
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Drop is being redesigned, check out develop branch for development progress or find design notes to see how would the new Drop look like.


Drop is a MV* framework sibling to frameworks like Angular and Ember, but targeting mobile web apps.

I am now using this version of Drop to build the new version of my WordsBaking, and yes I've already been experiencing some inconveniences (as well as some interesting tricks). So after I complete the developing of my app, I will rewrite Drop to rule out these issues. Along with that, multiple libraries would be released to form a complete solution for mobile web apps with rich touching and offline usage. :D

To start with, I need to point out that Drop is in its very first period. Though the core has been basically completed, extensions including router are not available yet.

Glance into DropJS

<script id="body-template" type="text/template">

    {#each matrix}
    {>click onRowClick}
    {@style "color: {matrixColor};"}
        {index + 1}.

        {#each this}
        {"{this} "}
    function onRowClick(e, scope) {
        var data = scope.dataHelper;
        alert('row ' + (data.index + 1) + ' clicked');

    var data = new Drop.Data({
        title: 'Glance into DropJS',
        intro: 'Some introduction...',
        matrixColor: '#3894E4',
        matrix: [
            ['a', 'b', 'c'],
            ['d', 'e', 'f'],
            ['g', 'h', 'i']

    Drop.Template.apply('body-template', data, document.body);

Checkout another quick demo.

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