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coding a visual idea a day

Welcome! My name is Alexandre Villares and since January, 2018 I have been coding sketches everyday, publishing the source code in the same repository that stores this page,

The results are mostly tentative, exploratory, and I don’t feel like they need to be relevant or meaningful on any particular day. The everyday practice leads to the emergence of ideas that I consider interesting, worthy of further exploration. Some of those have been added to selected work, this collection itself became valuable for me, and it is my pleasure to share it with anyone willing to explore coding as a creative and expressive medium.

Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding licenses to use my work, teaching opportunities, consulting or other projects. Moreover, I kindly invite you to follow me on Mastodon []. If you appreciate what I have been doing, you may support my artistic work, research and open educational resources I publish on-line using, PayPal or PIX at 46c37783-5edb-4f1c-b3a8-1309db11488c.

Here are listed some of the tools I have been using:

  • [py5] A new Processing Java + Python 3 amazing tool
  • [pyp5js] initially a Python to p5js trancriptor, now a pyodide + p5js tool
  • [pyscript] A new Python in the browser tool.
  • [Py.Processing] Processing Python mode
  • [Processing Java Processing Java or "standard" mode
  • [p5.js] JavaScript library from the Processing Foundation
  • [shoebot] Generate 2D vector graphics with Python
  • [FreeCAD] A wonderful 3D modeling tool, CAD & more, Python infused.
  • [p5py] A Python 3 implementation of Processing ideas (no Java needed)
  • [flat] A generative infrastructure library for Python (via Allison Parrish's Bezmerizing)
  • [VPython] Python + glowscript gives you 3D on the browser
  • [PySimpleGUI] Python GUIs for Humans

Full site:

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The sketch-a-day project, images and code repository, by Alexandre B A VIllares are licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International , except if marked/attributed otherwise in a file or code section. Please contact for licensing questions.