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# Alexandre B A Villares -
SKETCH_NAME = "s268" # 20180923
import pygame # install Pygame
import pygame.gfxdraw
from random import choice
from random import randint
gliphs = [lambda x, y, s: rect(x, y, s, s),
lambda x, y, s: ellipse(x, y, s, s),
lambda x, y, s: triangle(x - s, y, x - s, y + s, x, y + s),
lambda x, y, s: triangle(x + s, y, x + s, y - s, x, y - s),
def setup():
size(700, 700)
def draw():
# ensamble of 5 , on grid also order=5
fill(120, 120, 200)
grid(width/2, height/2, 5, 120, ensamble, 5)
def ensamble(ex, ey, order):
for _ in range(order):
order, spacing, side = randint(3, 11), 12, 6
x, y = randint(-6, 5) * side, randint(-6, 5) * side
grid(ex+x, ey+y, order, spacing, choice(gliphs), side)
def grid(x, y, order, spacing, function, *args):
xo, yo = (x - order * spacing / 2, y - order * spacing / 2)
for i in range(order):
gx = spacing/2 + i * spacing
for j in range(order):
gy = spacing/2 + j * spacing
function(xo + gx, yo + gy, *args)
# Now stuff to make it easier to port from Processing to Pygame
def triangle(x0, y0, x1, y1, x2, y2):
# This draws a triangle
pygame.gfxdraw.filled_trigon(screen, int(x0), int(y0), int(x1), int(y1), int(x2), int(y2), current_fill)
pygame.gfxdraw.trigon(screen, int(x0), int(y0), int(x1), int(y1), int(x2), int(y2), current_stroke)
# def line(x1, y1, x2, y2):
# pygame.draw.aaline(screen, current_fill, [x1, y1], [x2, y2], stroke_weight)
def rect(x, y, w, h):
if _rect_mode == CENTER:
x -= w/2
y -= h/2, (int(x), int(y), int(w), int(h)), current_fill)
pygame.gfxdraw.rectangle(screen, (int(x), int(y), int(w), int(h)), current_stroke)
def ellipse(x, y, w, h):
x -= w/2
y -= h/2
pygame.gfxdraw.filled_ellipse(screen, int(x), int(y), int(w/2), int(h/2), current_fill)
pygame.gfxdraw.ellipse(screen, int(x), int(y), int(w/2), int(h/2), current_stroke)
def background(r, g=None, b=None):
if g and b:
screen.fill((r, g, b))
screen.fill((r, r, r))
def fill(r, g=None, b=None):
global current_fill
if g and b:
current_fill = (r, g, b)
current_fill = (r, r, r)
def size(w, h):
global width, height
width, height = w, h
def noLoop():
global _pause
_pause = True
def loop():
global _pause
_pause = False
def rectMode(c):
_rect_mode = c
def run():
global CENTER, CORNER, _rect_mode
_rect_mode = CORNER = 0
global width, height, screen, current_fill, current_stroke, stroke_weight, _pause
# Initialize the game engine
current_fill = (255, 255, 255)
current_stroke = (0, 0, 0)
stroke_weight = 1
width, height = 100, 100
_done = False
_pause = False
# Set the height and width of the screen
screen = pygame.display.set_mode([width, height])
clock = pygame.time.Clock()
# Loop until the user clicks the close button.
while not _done:
# This limits the while loop to a max of 10 times per second.
# Leave this out and we will use all CPU we can.
for event in pygame.event.get(): # User did something
if event.type == pygame.QUIT: # If user clicked close
_done = True # Flag that we are _done so we exit this loop
if event.type == pygame.KEYDOWN:
_pause = not _pause
# All drawing code happens after the for loop and but
# inside the main while _done==False loop.
# Draw on screen
if not _pause:
# Go ahead and update the screen with what we've drawn.
# This MUST happen after all the other drawing commands.
# Be IDLE friendly