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Dash app to visualize my personal financial data
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expensor_personal Expenses Visualization App (expensor_personal)

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This is a dash app that allows me to visualitze my financial data. This includes expenses, incomes, EBIT, liquid and investments.


It is intended only for personal use. There is another repository (expensor) with a similar dash app for public use. However, if you want, you can use the code of this app or fragments of it.

It takes personal information from dropbox and uses dash login to verify the identity.

Installation and usage

  1. Download the code

    git clone

  2. Install requirements

    pip install -r requirements.txt

  3. Register a dropbox app (Documentation)

  4. Set environment variables

    • EXPENSOR_DROPBOX_TOKEN: dropbox token (from the previously registered app)
    • EXPENSOR_USER: user for login
    • EXPENSOR_PASSWORD: password for login
  5. Make sure you have the data needed inside the dropbox app (see section Data needed)

  6. Run the app

    python src/


Data needed

In order to set up the app you will need three excel files inside the dropbox app folder:

  • your_app/Money Lover/YYYY-MM-DD.xlsx
  • your_app/data.xlsx
  • your_app/config.yml (optional)

Money Lover/YYYY-MM-DD.xlsx file

The first excel file will be a raw export from Money Lover android app. The dash app will scan the Money Lover folder and take the newest excel file based on it's name.

This excel file needs the following columns:

Date Amount Category
2017/01/01 -500 Rent
2017/02/01 -500 Rent
2017/03/01 -500 Rent
2017/01/01 1150 Salary
2017/02/01 1250 Salary

Note that expenses will have negative amounts and incomes positive ones.

data.xlsx file

This file should have the following sheets:

  • liquid_m
  • invest_m
  • worth_m
  • trans_categ

liquid_m sheet

This will have the money in each account for each month. It should have date and Total as columns followed by one column per each account. For example:

Date Total ING Account ING Deposit Revolut
2018/10 680 100 500 80
2018/11 700 150 500 50
2018/12 680 120 500 60

invest_m and worth_m sheets

This will be a list of the money invested (invest_m) and the value of the investments (worth_m) at each month per each investment account. Those can be different from the ones listed in liquid_list.

For example:

Date Total betterment vanguard
2018/10 600 100 500
2018/11 650 150 500
2018/12 620 120 500

trans_categ sheet

This is a list of all possible categories for the transactions listed in Money Lover/YYYY-MM-DD.xlsx file. It will show if they are Expenses or Incomes and the color that should be used when plotting. For example:

Name Type Color Name Color index
Food Expenses blue 500
Salary Incomes red 500
Rent Expenses green 500

config.yml (optional)

This allows to set custom colors and group accounts in plots. It can group:

  • liquid
  • investment

As a key for the first level it should have the name of the group it wants to classify (liquid / investment). Then it can have as many groups as wanted where each should have the following keys:

  • color_name: name of the color
  • color_index: color intensity
  • accounts: accounts this group includes

For example:

  0 - Liquid:
    color_name: blue
    color_index: 100
      - ING Account
      - Revolut

  1 - Savings:
    color_name: blue
    color_index: 300
      - ING Deposit

All available colors can be found at Meterial Design Guidline.



Some screenshots (with personal data hidden):

Screenshoot1 Screenshoot2 Screenshoot3


The content of this repository is licensed under a MIT.


Branches and commits use some prefixes to keep everything better organized.


  • f/: features
  • r/: releases
  • h/: hotfixs


  • [NEW] new features
  • [FIX] fixes
  • [REF] refactors
  • [PYL] pylint improvements
  • [TST] tests
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