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🎨 A p5.js project scaffolding to use ES6
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P5 ES6 Scaffolding

This is my best attempt at making a simple generic scaffolding for p5js projects that allows me to write them using all the features of javascript's ES6.


It uses Parcel.js as the bundler which automagically takes care of everything for us 🙏🏻.

I also tried to simplify the most the use of the library. So you don't have to inject it to any of your classes, functions etc... Its not by any means a good practice, but it makes life easier in this case.

Your linter might get crazy for undeclared names too.

Getting started


npm run dev

and Parcel will take care of the rest. You can use ES6 in all of its glory.



npm run build

A /dist folder will be generated with your project in it. You can serve that static index.html and your site should be up and runnning in minutes.

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