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This is the main repository for, a project by @romainl and @robertmeta. is largely inspired by but, instead of covering such broad subjects as web design and web development, our focus will exclusively be on delivering high quality articles about Vim and its thriving ecosystem.


Vimways is a static website built with Hugo. Currently, we are using the extended variant of version 0.52 because it includes SASS compilation.

Local usage

Clone the project on your machine, move into it, and run the command below:

$ hugo server
  • The site should be accessible at this address: http://localhost:1313/, with LiveReload enabled.
  • Hugo should watch a number of subdirectories for changes and rebuild the site accordingly.

If you want to see draft pages and pages scheduled for future publication, use the -D and -F flags respectively:

$ hugo server -DF


The articles are in content/YYYY/.

They are written in Markdown, with the addition of a front matter specific to Hugo.

Meta pages

The About and Authors pages are in content/.


The theme is completely custom.


  • improve the