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Message appearing every time that i use insert endline command #443

jbeja opened this Issue · 3 comments

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This message appear every time that i hit "A" in normal mode for a few seconds:

airline_c1_inactive xxx ctermfg=243 ctermbg=236

Alone the message a second statusline appear above the existing one.


Is it reproducible with a minimal vimrc on latest airline? Do you have A mapped to something (what does :map A say)?


@jbeja if you're still observing this issue, then:
1. try reproducing with minimal vimrc (preferably this one)
2. try reproducing with latest airline

If you manage to reproduce it, please reopen this issue with details about your setup (OS, :version)


@edkolev edkolev closed this

Oh i forgot about this, i actualy just reinstall the plugin and everything seems to work just fine know. Thanks for the advices though.

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