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Vim script parsers

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This is Vim script language (a.k.a. VimL) parsers.


The parser to make AST (Abstract Syntax Tree)

Supported languages

This parser provide same feature for following languages.

  • Vim script
  • Python
  • Javascript


All of interfaces are provided from vimlparser module. VimLParser parse into AST using StringReader, and Compiler to compile nodes.

let s:vimlparser = vimlparser#import()
let code = [
\ 'let s:message = printf("hello %d", 1+(2*3))'
let r =
let p =
let c =
echo join(c.compile(p.parse(r)), "\n")

This above code output following.

(let = s:message (printf "hello %d" (+ 1 (* 2 3))))

About project name

We know a name "VimL" is not the common short form of "Vim scripting language". But we choice "VimL" for historical and practical reasons and compatibility.