pandoc markdown syntax, to be installed alongside vim-pandoc
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jez and fmoralesc Three improvements to LaTeX highlighting (#216)
* Allow for \[ ... \] delimited math block

* Correct how \( ... \) math is handled

The previous regex had been copy/pasted from the regex for '$'. It was
doing special things to try to guess if the '$' was being used for a
monetary value.

It's unnecessary to do this for \(\).

* Allow LaTeX highlighting in more places
Latest commit 56e8e41 Apr 13, 2017


Standalone pandoc syntax module, to be used alongside vim-pandoc.

Forked from the version provided by fmoralesc/vim-pantondoc, in turn taken from vim-pandoc/vim-pandoc.


  • A vim version with +conceal
  • vim-pandoc, to set the pandoc filetype (otherwise you'll have to set it up yourself).


The repository follows the usual bundle structure, so it's easy to install it using pathogen, Vundle or NeoBundle.

For Vundle users, it should be enough to add

Plugin 'vim-pandoc/vim-pandoc-syntax'

to .vimrc, and then run :PluginInstall.

For those who need it, a tarball is available from here.


If you want to use vim-pandoc-syntax without vim-pandoc, you'll need to tell Vim to load it for certain files. Just add something like this to your vimrc:

    augroup pandoc_syntax
        au! BufNewFile,BufFilePre,BufRead *.md set filetype=markdown.pandoc
    augroup END


  • Supports most (if not all) pandoc's markdown features, including tables, delimited codeblocks, references, etc.
  • Can handle multiple embedded languages (LaTeX, YAML headers, many languages in delimited codeblocks). Some commands are provided to help with this (see :help pandoc-syntax-commands)
  • Pretty display using conceal (optional).
  • Configurable (see :help pandoc-syntax-configuration for an overview of the options).


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