Using phpctags to generate php ctags index for vim plugin tagbar.
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An addon plugin for tagbar using phpctags to generate php ctags index.

Provide a much better PHP syntax outline support than the orginal ctags. Methods and properties even local variables assigned in functions are list in their own scope.


If you are using the distributed archive from, a phpctags executable has been included, nothing to do.

If you are using the plain source from the repository, then phpctags needs to be built first. On *nix platforms, just run make will do. For other platforms, especially Windows, please help yourself out.


Location of phpctags should be in system '$PATH' environment variable.

Or, the location of phpctags can be configured in vimrc as such:

let g:tagbar_phpctags_bin='PATH_TO_phpctags'

The amount of memory that phpctags can use can be configured as such:

let g:tagbar_phpctags_memory_limit = '512M'

The default is 128 megabytes of memory.