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= 2005.09.15

== eRuby Support

There are new syntax, compiler, and ftplugin files for eRuby. This support is
incomplete and we're keen to hear of any problems or suggestions you may have
to improve it.

== Ruby Filetype Support

The Ruby filetype plugin has been improved to include as many useful settings
as possible without intruding too much on an individual user's preferences.
Matchit support has been improved, and the following options are now set to
appropriate values: comments, commentstring, formatoptions, include,
includeexpr, path, and suffixesadd

== Filetype Detection

The new ftdetect mechanism of Vim 6.3 is being utilized to enable filetype
detection of eRuby files until this is officially added to the next release of

== Installation Directories

The installer script now, where possible, automatically determines both the
user and system-wide preferences directory.

== Bug Fixes

A large number of bugs have been fixed in the Ruby syntax and indent files.
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