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2005-10-05 Doug Kearns <>
+ * NEWS: updated for new release
* bin/vim-ruby-install.rb: raise an exception if there are unknown
args passed to the script
@@ -1,6 +1,18 @@
+= 2005.10.05
+== Bug Fixes
+Ruby syntax file - allow for comments directly after module/class/def lines
+without intervening whitespace (fold markers were breaking syntax highlighting).
+Ruby filetype plugin - improve ordering of 'path' elements.
+eRuby syntax file - make use of ruby_no_expensive local to the buffer.
= 2005.09.24
-== Filetype detection
+== Filetype Detection
The eruby filetype is now detected solely based on the file's extension. This
was being overridden by the scripts.vim detection script.
@@ -9,17 +21,17 @@ Note: Only files ending in *.rhtml are detected as filetype eruby since these
are currently assumed to be Ruby embedded in (X)HTML only. Other filetypes
could be supported if requested.
-== eRuby indent file
+== eRuby Indent File
There is a new eRuby indent file which simply sources the HTML indent file for
-== eRuby compiler plugin
+== eRuby Compiler Plugin
This now supports erb as the default 'makeprg'. To use eruby set the
eruby_compiler variable to "eruby" in your .vimrc
-== Test::Unit compiler plugin
+== Test::Unit Compiler Plugin
This has been improved and should now display messages similar to, though more
detailed than, the GUI test runners.

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