rubycomplete#Complete segfaults vim #121

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First of all, I'm not sure whether I should create this issue here, or directly to vim bug tracker, but other omni completion methods (ie. syntaxcomplete#Complete) work fine.

Steps to reproduce:
1. start vim
2. enter :setf ruby<cr>
3. enter iSTDIN<c-x><c-o>

Expected results:
Pop up a list of completions.

Actual results:

Vim: Caught deadly signal SEGV
Vim: preserving files...
Vim: Finished.
[1]    16018 segmentation fault  vim

Additional context:
The vim version I'm using is 7.3.762 (installed from Homebrew on OS X Lion).


I think I've tracked the issue myself. It looks like vim grabs wrong ruby (I have multiple rubies installed via rbenv). Sorry for inconvenience :)

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Any guide how to resolve this problem? I use rbenv too.

Vim-Ruby member

General answer is to make sure you're using the system ruby when compiling Vim.


I used this guide: and compiled against 1.9.3 (not system one).

It works also for 1.8.7 projects, so I won't recompile it again ;)


I think more general rule is to ensure the ruby in your $PATH is the same as in vim --version.

For example now mvim segfaults when executed from terminal, but not if executed from /Applications. Unfortunatelly vim uses ruby from $PATH, not the one it was compiled with. @tpope maybe implement this feature in vim-ruby?


OK. Now python screws things up. I guess you should always compile against system ruby. In that case this should be probably modified by homebrew, not vim-ruby.


I stil get this issue - using Vim ( not MacVim ) though I am on a Mac.

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