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vim-ruby breaks current directory for --remote-silent #152

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If you pass the option --remote-silent to vim, it should not change the pwd of vim.

However, with commit b84bf72, passing --remote-silent to vim changes the pwd to ~, no matter what you pass in as arguments.

I even tried passing --cmd "cd /mypwd/", but vim still lands in ~.

Vim-Ruby member

Assuming you have a .ruby-version in your home directory, I can reproduce. But it looks to me like the culprit is bundler.vim. Do you have that installed too? They both use the same technique, so it wouldn't surprise me if both cause the problem, but I can only reproduce it with the latter.


Hmm.. I don't have .ruby-version in my ~ and I don't have bundler.vim either. In fact, I don't even have a .ruby-version in my project dir.

Vim-Ruby member

What does :echo findfile('.ruby-version', '.;') in the requested file report?



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