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Highlighting constant names fails if a preceding comment ends in a dot #164

ngollan opened this Issue Jul 19, 2013 · 2 comments

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ngollan commented Jul 19, 2013
class Thing
  # The following constant gets highlighted properly
  CONST_A = 'hey'

  # ... buit this one doesn't.
  CONST_B = 'there'

  # this one works. a
  CONST_C = 'pretty'

  # as does this..
  CONST_D = 'horse'

Looks like the highlighter thinks CONST_B is a method to be called, ignoring that the preceding dot is inside a comment.

ngollan commented Jul 19, 2013

The culprit seems to be the change to rubyConstant in b60da6c

@dkearns dkearns was assigned Jul 19, 2013
@dkearns dkearns added a commit that closed this issue Jul 21, 2013
@dkearns dkearns Fix constant definitions after comments.
These multi-line edge cases are almost impossible to find in the wild so I won't bother
supporting most of them for now.

Closes #164.
@dkearns dkearns closed this in 082e929 Jul 21, 2013
janko-m commented Jul 24, 2013

Awesome! Thanks!

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