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Behind file name, there have a weird "^[[2;2R" string #175

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When i create a new ruby file by typed vim test.rb, there have weird ^[[2;2R string behand filename.

like this:


When set filetype plugin off , every thing is ok.
I think there's a little error in ftplugin/ruby.vim .


Looks like a terminal issue. Vim-ruby might be triggering it but I have no idea how to reproduce.


One thing you could try is temporarily switching to an English locale, since that's the most obvious difference.


Thanks Tpope, I've tried switch export $LANG=en_US.UTF-8 even switch system language to en_US, but it's showed same issue still. the way, i like your vim plugins, Tpope. ^_^

@dkearns dkearns added the ftplugin label

You can try deleting parts of ftplugin/ruby.vim to see if you can narrow down which part is causing the problem. My guess would be calling s:query_path(), just because a system() call could trigger basically anything.


Hey @tpope, I'm having the same issue here. Your guess was correct, the line that causes the bug is line 122 in ftplugin/ruby.vim, which is "let g:ruby_default_path = s:query_path($HOME)".

Note that I don't get any gibberish in xterm, it seems to be happening only in gnome-terminal.
I've tried both zsh and bash, what shell I'm using doesn't seem to matter.


Wild guess, but do any of you have i in 'shellcmdflag'?


@tpope shellcmdflag=-c for me, no sign of -i.

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